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Extended BASIC

     This section has programs that can be typed into extended versions of BASIC. These programs may have appeared in the Arcadian, or Cursor at some point, if so, use the newsletter versions! These are here for completeness.

Block Builder "Block Builder"
By Ed Horger

This is an unpublished program that was sent to Bob Fabris for possible inclusion in the Arcadian newsletter. This program is not dated. There is no program description, but I THINK it saves a block of extended memory for use with a the SHOW command.

Ed Horger wrote a letter to Bob that he included with the program:
Ed Horger Letter.

Here are the instructions for Block Builder:
  1. Block Builder Instructions.
Computer Cross (Blue Ram BASIC) "Computer Cross"
By Bruce Brigden.
2000 baud, Blue RAM BASIC.
Published in: ARCADIAN 7, no. 4 (Aug. 15, 1986): 57-58.

This type-in listing was sent from George Moses to Ken Lill. This program was eventually published in the very last issue of the "Arcadian" newsletter.

The "Arcadian" had these short notes about the program.

Nice graphics with hymns. Uses Blue Ram BASIC PLAY command. Note: You must type in the two separate music arrays before saving to tape. To save to tape, type "GOTO 5000"

Lunar Lander II "Lunar Lander II" By Victor T. Edwards.

This program was sent to Bob Fabris in December of 1983 for possible publication in the "Arcadian" newsletter. Victor wrote:

"Enclosed with this letter is a conversion of a program I saw published in the Arcadian. The program part that dealt with the lunar lander was enhanced and updated (through Blue Ram Extended BASIC) to a simple program of earning point score based on the amount of fuel left after landed."

It appears that this program wasn't published. This program has not been typed-in or tested.

Repeating Typewriter Repeating Typewriter.
January 1982.
By Clyde Perkins.
For Blue Ram BASIC.

This type-in listing was sent to John Perkins from his father, Clyde in 1982. This letter was scanned from the person collection of Ken Lill on August 6, 2018.

The notes in the letter are "Try this one the next time you want to mail out 100 or so letters. [...] Getting back to the tape, LINE Density = 50; "How many names?" means how many personalized letters are you sending. List their names beginning at line 501."
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