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This section has programs that can be typed into Bally BASIC or "Astro BASIC." Note that some programs are only compatible with one version of BASIC. Refer to the Tape Program FAQ for full compatibility information).

A Bally BASIC program may run under "AstroBASIC" (or vice versa), but may have some deficiencies. For instance, often when Bally BASIC programs run under "AstroBASIC," they have missing or incorrect sounds. Occasionally, the programs may not run correctly except in the version of BASIC it was written for originally.

Sometimes, when a program was printed in a newsletter, it would have errors. Where possible, any corrections that were printed are included with these programs.

Concentration and Check Listing Concentration and Check Listing.
By Al Gordon.
Unpublished "Arcadian" submissions.

Check Listing and Concentration are two previously unpublished Bally BASIC programs from 1981 and 1982 that were submitted to the Arcadian newsletter for the Bally Arcade. This document includes handwritten BASIC listings, program instructions and a letter.

The Check Listing Program is constructed using the Check Listing routine found in Cursor's "Peek & Poke" manual and using the routine for loading data after BASIC program from the new 3-Voice Music Program and All Gordon's own ideas.

Concentration is a two player game. After a brief introduction setting the mood, there is a short pause while the computer shuffles the cards and lays them out. Use the joystick JX and JY to position the indicator and the card you wish to reveal-- pull trigger. Repeat for a different card. If the cards match, they will disappear from the screen; same player has another turn. If no match, play shifted to joystick #2. Scores kept secret and displayed after all cards have been paired.

Both of these programs have been digitally archived in Bally BASIC format:

  1. Check Listing - Bally BASIC program in 300-baud format.
  2. Concentration - Bally BASIC program in 300-baud format.

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