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BASIC Type-In Programs

This section has programs that can be typed into Bally BASIC or "Astro BASIC." Note that some programs are only compatible with one version of BASIC. Refer to the Tape Program FAQ for full compatibility information).

A Bally BASIC program may run under "AstroBASIC" (or vice versa), but may have some deficiencies. For instance, often when Bally BASIC programs run under "AstroBASIC," they have missing or incorrect sounds. Occasionally, the programs may not run correctly except in the version of BASIC it was written for originally.

Sometimes, when a program was printed in a newsletter, it would have errors. Where possible, any corrections that were printed are included with these programs.

By Dick Houser.
Arcadian 2, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1980): 32-33.
Best of Arcadian - 1980 (Tape)

These are the instructions from the February 1980 Arcadian:

"You are the King, and must make decisions on running the kingdom economically. Start with 100 people, 1,000 acres/land and 3,000 bushels/food. Buy and sell land, feed people, and plant the crops using food as barter. And things happen. The object is to garner performance points based on how you govern and to figure out how the game works. It takes bushels to plant land and people can plant only so many acres. If you last ten years, then your reign will be complete."

Archiving Note: The program submission contains background on how the program works.

Slot Machine Slot Machine
By Bob Mueller.
Arcadian 2, no. 3 (Jan. 15, 1980): 21.

"This version of Slot Machine has an interesting set of graphics as the "reels" rotate. I kept losing money, maybe you'll have better luck." - Arcadian

This is the original Arcadian program submission letter, extensive program documentation (which was omitted from the Arcadian's printing of Slot Machine) and the handwritten Bally BASIC listing of the code.

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