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BASIC Type-In Programs

This section has programs that can be typed into Bally BASIC or "Astro BASIC." Note that some programs are only compatible with one version of BASIC. Refer to the Tape Program FAQ for full compatibility information).

A Bally BASIC program may run under "AstroBASIC" (or vice versa), but may have some deficiencies. For instance, often when Bally BASIC programs run under "AstroBASIC," they have missing or incorrect sounds. Occasionally, the programs may not run correctly except in the version of BASIC it was written for originally.

Sometimes, when a program was printed in a newsletter, it would have errors. Where possible, any corrections that were printed are included with these programs.

Color_Selector Color Selector.
By Klaus Doerge.
Arcadian 4, no. 12 (Oct. 07, 1982): 115, 121.

"A utility program for the game maker. Use the Trigger and Knob controls to vary the colors and identify the numbers."

This is the original program submission to the Arcadian. It includes full instructions, program description and a full-length BASIC program explanation, none of which was included when the program was printed in the Arcadian.

  1. Color Selector - Bally BASIC program in 300-baud format.
  2. Color Selector - AstroBASIC program in 2000-baud format.
The Cube Arcadian Program Submission Cube, The.
By Bob Weber (W&W Software Sales).
Arcadian 4, no. 4 (Jan. 22, 1982): 36-37.

This is the original program submission letter that Bob Weber sent to the Arcadian. There is a very helpful drawing included that helps to understand how to play the game, but that drawing wasn't published. This game was the $100 contest winner for January 1982.

  1. The Cube - "AstroBASIC" program in 2000-baud format.
Jekyl & Hyde Jekyl & Hyde.
By Ken Springsteen (Video Wizards)
Arcadian 4, no. 5 (Mar. 5, 1982): 47, 52-53. Arcadian 4, no. 6 (Apr. 9, 1982): 55.
This is the original program submission letter to the Arcadian. In includes the expanded documentation that wasn't included when the program was printed, plus a typed BASIC listing of the program.

Jekyl & Hyde is a 2-player game using the hand controllers to move two figures around the lab maze. His goal is the secret formula in the maze center. The figures are Jekyls, and the first to reach the center turns into Mr. Hyde, and tries to catch the remaining Jekyl. Jekyl, in turn, continues to try to reach the formula, at which time the roles are swapped. Points are added/deducted for successful captures or wall crashes.

  1. Jekyl & Hyde - "AstroBASIC" program in 2000-baud format.
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