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This section has programs that can be typed into Bally or Astro BASIC. Note that some programs are only compatible with one version of BASIC. Though this list has a 'Compatability' column, it is meant as a general rule of thumb only (refer to the Tape Program FAQ for full compatibility information).

A Bally BASIC program may run under Astro BASIC (or vice versa), but probably with some defiencies (for instance, most of the time Bally BASIC programs when run under Astro BASIC are missing sound), or the program may not run correctly except in the version of BASIC it was written for (unless it is tweaked).

Sometimes when a program was printed in a newsletter, it would have errors. Any corrections that were printed are included with these programs. Also, the appearance of each programs is noted by page number. To know which issue this refers to, refer to the Arcadian FAQ.

Bangman Bangman
By Ernie Sams.
June 1982.
ARCADIAN 6, no. 7 (May 25, 1984): 64-65. (Reprint).

This program was cut and paste directly from the Arcadian newsletter. There is no information in this document that didn't originally appear in the newsletter.

Cubic Rub Program Submission Letter Cubic Rub.
By Dorothy Neff.
Arcadian 6, no. 4 (Feb. 23, 1984): 36.

As the name suggests, this game was inspired by the Rubic's Cube. This is the program's original submission letter.

  1. Cubic Rube - "AstroBASIC" program in 2000-baud format.
Dot-to-Dot Dot-to-Dot
By Joe Peoples.
Source: Bob Fabris Collection.
ARCADIAN 6, no. 4 (Feb. 23, 1984): 38.

This is Joe People's original Arcadian program submission letter for Dot-to-Dot. He included two versions of the game. One for "AstroBASIC" and one for Blue Ram BASIC. Hand-written BASIC program listings were included for these two programs. It seems that Joe had to submit this program twice, as there are actually two different submission letters here.

This is a two player game. The object is to draw lines between two dots. Try to complete a box to capture it. Completing a box gives you another turn. Try to keep your opponent from being able to complete a box.

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