Ward Shrake Multicart Documentation


     The first Bally Astrocade multicart was created by Ward Shrake in 2001. This is the documentation area. If you're interested in seeing additional pictures of the multicart, then visit the multicart picture area.

     Ward has given his blessing to use this information to create other multicarts as long as, he says, "folks credit my work, if they use all of or part of the design" (see the release letter below for additional information about this).

Multicart 7432 Truth Table (Original) Thumbnail Multicart 7432 Truth Table (Original)
     Notes from September 27, 2001.

Color PDF Version
Multicart 7432 Truth Table (Simplified) Thumbnail Multicart 7432 Truth Table (Simplified)
     Notes from September 27, 2001.
Multicart 7432 Visualization Aide Thumbnail Multicart 7432 Visualization Aide
     Notes on how the 7432 (Quad 2-Input OR Gate) works with the dipswitches on the multicart. Notes from September 27, 2001.
Multicart Board Revision Notes Thumbnail Multicart Board Revision Notes
     Multicart revision notes from December 18, 2001.
Multicart DipSwitch Setting Thumbnail Multicart DipSwitch Setting
     DIP Switch Settings for the "Bally Astrocade" Multicart version 1.3a (that's the last version of the ROM). These documents should be considered the instructions for the cartridge. This zipped download includes two Word Documents, two PDF documents and a text document; use the pdf documents, not the Word documents (which are included in case any changes need to be made). Two documents are the same information sorted into two different ways: alphabetically and alphabetically sorted by extra RAM needed or not. The last document shows which dipswitch settings are still available.
Multicart FAQ - Update Thumbnail Multicart FAQ
     This text answers people's questions about the Astrocade and Arcadia multicarts that Ward Shrake created. Document date is January 25, 2002.
Ward's Multicart FAQ - Update Thumbnail Multicart FAQ - Update
     This FAQ covers Ward Shrakes "Bally Astrocade" and "Emerson Arcadia 2001" multicarts. Ward reaffirms that no more Astrocade multicarts will be sold to the public. Document date is April 16, 2008.
Multicart Assembly Tips - Jumpers Thumbnail Multicart Jumper Assembly Steps and Tips
     Multicart jumper assembly steps and tips. Including wire color and length, as well as much more detailed final jumper wire routing. Notes from December 13, 2002.

Text Version
Multicart Jumper-Wire Template Thumbnail Multicart Jumper-Wire Template
     An index card with short notes on how to set-up the jumper wires. This was written in December 2002.
Astrocade Multicart - Part 1 Astrocade Multicart - Photo Mask (Part 1)

Alternate 300dpi GIF (65K) version.
Alternate 600dpi BMP (1.07MB) version.
Astrocade Multicart - Part 2 Astrocade Multicart - Photo Mask (Part 2)

Alternate 300dpi GIF (67K) version.
Alternate 600dpi BMP (1.06MB) version.
Release Letter Thumbnail Ward Shrake's Release Letter
     Ward Shrake gave permission on January 3, 2008 to use his documentation to create another multicart-- one that would be electrically but not visually identical to his own. This letter is written to Adam Trionfo, the man who has assembled the Ballyalley.com website.

Text Version