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Nitron Catalog (1982) Nitron Catalog.
November 1981.
From the Bob Fabris Collection.

This is an 18-page catalog.

Nitron Catalog (1982) Nitron Catalog.
From the Bob Fabris Collection.

This is a 31-page catalog. Some of the topics included are a Nitron Overview, Nitron's Place in the Industry, The Nitron Difference, Semi-Custom Design Concept, Nitrochip Design - Getting Started, Designing a Nitrochip, Questions and Answers, and much more information about the company and its products.

Nitron Litigation Releases (1983) Nitron Litigation Releases.
SEC Docket; Volume 28 No. 1; June 21; 1983.
SEC Docket; Volume 29 No. 1; Nov 11; 1983.

Three litigation releases from two SEC Dockets released in 1983 concerning the Securities and Exchange Commission v. Nitron, inc. and Samuel Nissim. The complaint charged that Nitron possibly filed misleading statements concerning the revenues to be derived by Nitron pursuant to a contract to manufacture video game arcades and cassettes for Astrocade, Inc. The action with respect to Nitron was settled on November 17, 1983.
  1. Nitron Litigation Releases - The information specifically concerning Nitron extracted from the SEC Docket and turned into a RTF document.
Everything Must Go! Astrocade Last Chance Sale.
Letter/Flyer from BDI/Astrocade Offer.
About 1982 or 1983.

"Final Close-Out of Astrocade Merchandise - Everything Must Go!!!

"We've lost our lease and everything must go! Brand new Astrocade Systems and brand new Astrocade cartridges priced to sell. We have limited quantities of systems and cartridges available as a special offer to you. First come, first served... limited supply offer. At these prices, our supply of Astrocade systems and cartridges won't last long! Purchase back-up cartridges for your existing system or use them for birthday or Christmas presents for friends and family. Compare these never-to-be-repeated prices!

"Purchase an Astrocade system, complete with 20 different cartridges for only $100! (Shipping and handling an additional $10,- California residents please add sales tax.) Each Astrocade comes complete with 2 hand controls, 3 built-in games and calculator, power supply, TV adaptor, and Zap, Seawolf, Clowns, Star Battle, Astro Battle, Dog Patch, Galactic Invasion, Space Fortress, Grand Prix, Pirates Chase, Wizard, Solar Conquerors, Cosmic Raiders, Baseball, Football, Bally Pin, Letter Match, Bio-Rhythm, Maze, and Basic (program your own games).

"Additional cartridges may be purchased for Seawolf, Astro Battle, Dog Patch, Galactic Invasion, Space Fortress, Wizard and Football only. (Sorry no extra hand controls exist in our inventory.)"

These topics on the Bally Alley Astrocade discussion group talk about this document in more detail: For additional information, see this C.O.M.B. Astrocade Liquidation Ad from the Minneapolis Star and Tribune printed on December 9, 1982. For archive purposes, the original, alternate, one-page B&W scan is preserved here:
Final Inventory Letter 11/14/1984 - Final Inventory Letter - The company is so out of money that they don't have cash to send flyers to customers. It's a sad thing to see a company fall.
Addendum Prices 12/06/1984 - Addendum Prices - The end was in sight! They began to cut the prices of the cartridges even more (though only by 10%). They also started to offer a package deal where if you bought a system then you would get twenty-four cartridges with it, all for $199.95
Final Inventory 01/07/1984 - Final Inventory - This sheet shows how many cartridges and Astrocades that Nitron still had in inventory right at the end. There isn't nearly as many as I expected, most cartridges are under one-thousand left (though Galactic Invasion still had 18,000). There are 857 Astrocades left; no wonder they're so rare!
Auction Announcement 03/13/1985 - Auction Announcement - This appeared in the San Jose Mercury News. Not only was the inventory being sold off, but the whole facility was auctioned as well!
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