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Nitron Catalog (1982) Nitron Catalog.
November 1981.
From the Bob Fabris Collection.

This is an 18-page catalog.

Nitron Catalog (1982) Nitron Catalog.
From the Bob Fabris Collection.

This is a 31-page catalog. Some of the topics included are a Nitron Overview, Nitron's Place in the Industry, The Nitron Difference, Semi-Custom Design Concept, Nitrochip Design - Getting Started, Designing a Nitrochip, Questions and Answers, and much more information about the company and its products.

Everything Must Go! No Date - Everything Must Go! - This is it. Nitron loses their lease and they must liquidate everything.
Final Inventory Letter 11/14/1984 - Final Inventory Letter - The company is so out of money that they don't have cash to send flyers to customers. It's a sad thing to see a company fall.
Addendum Prices 12/06/1984 - Addendum Prices - The end was in sight! They began to cut the prices of the cartridges even more (though only by 10%). They also started to offer a package deal where if you bought a system then you would get twenty-four cartridges with it, all for $199.95
Final Inventory 01/07/1984 - Final Inventory - This sheet shows how many cartridges and Astrocades that Nitron still had in inventory right at the end. There isn't nearly as many as I expected, most cartridges are under one-thousand left (though Galactic Invasion still had 18,000). There are 857 Astrocades left; no wonder they're so rare!
Auction Announcement 03/13/1985 - Auction Announcement - This appeared in the San Jose Mercury News. Not only was the inventory being sold off, but the whole facility was auctioned as well!
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