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Bally Ads Bally and Astrovision Advertisements and Catalogs - These are flyers, catalogs, and other miscellaneous advertisements by Bally and Astrovision. Many of these are full color, eye-candy; worth a look through, especially to see some items that were not released.
Club Gametics Club: Gametics - Mail-Order catalogs for Bally Arcade/Astrocade releated hardware and software.
Flyers Flyers
JS&A Ads JS&A Advertisements from Catalogs - These are the advertisements that introduced the Bally Professional Arcade to consumors in 1977. It is JS&A that had such a very difficult time (through no fault of their own) supplying customers with their owners.
L&M Software Ads and Catalogs L&M Software Ads and Catalogs

Postcards Postcards - These are postcards sent to (or to be sent by) Astrocade's owners trying to get their business or offering warranties.
Newspaper and Classified Ads Newspaper and Classified Ads

Sourcebooks Sourcebooks - By R.M.H. Glance through these Sourcebooks-- it is highly recommended. Each Sourcebook is a resource, like a catalog for Astrocade, that contains information like: New Owner Information, System Summary, Index to all Sources, Arcadian Newsletter program descriptions, Astrocade Inc. Products, Software and Hardware Sources, Mail Order Dealers, Repairs and Service, User group Information, and a compilation of sources of software and hardware products for the Bally Arcade/Astrocade.
Spectre Systems Ads Spectre Systems Ads - Spectre Systems created cartridges, an analog joystick, and programming sheets.
The Tiny Arcade The Tiny Arcade - Ads by The Tiny Arcade.
Wavemakers WaveMakers - Ads by WaveMakers.
Astrocade Hand Controls Sale Astrocade Hand Controls Sale - One page. Full page Astrocade Inc. ad that states "Astrocade Hand Controls for the Low! Low! price of $14.95 per pair (Regular $59.95) You save $45.00!!!!" There is no date on this ad, but it's probably about 1983.
Astrocade Owners Ad (Full Page from magazine) Astrocade Owners Ad (Cropped) Astrocade Owners!
Half-Page ad from Electronic Games, January 1983

Here's a list of professionals who support your computer with programs, hardware and information to help you enjoy your Astrocade to the maximum! Contact any of them for details.

ABC Hobbycraft
Arcadian Newsletter
The Astrobug's User's Group
Astrocade Sourcebook
Bit Fiddlers, The
Esoterica, Inc.
George Moses Co.
Home Arcade Electronics
H.A.R.D. Software
L&M Software
Perkins Engineering
R&L Enterprises
SFP Video Expansion
Spectre Systems
Tiny Arcade, The
TV Arcade Sales
Viper System - Alternative Engineering

Each of the companies listed has contact information, along with a brief summary of what they do. Running this ad was very expensive. Richard Houser, from Astrocade Sourcebook (one of the companies in the ad), has said that everyone in this ad grouped together funds to run it for several issues in Electronic Games magazine. When asked if the ad worked at all, Richard said that it did have noticeable results.

- Magazine Ad. PDF. 2 Pages. 524K (In Context, with magazine and full page)
- Magazine Ad. JPG. 1 Page. 596K (Cropped, for Ad only - Higher-Quality)
Astrocade Sale Astrocade Sale - One page. Full page Astrocade Inc. for a console and your choice of one game for 69.95 as a celebration of Astrocade Inc. getting out of chapter 11. Notice that BASIC isn't noted as being included. I'm not sure if this was an oversight, or if these blow-out consoles didn't come with it to save money.
Astrocade Support List Astrocade Support List - One page. "Here's a list of [19] professionals who support your computer with programs, hardware and information to help you enjoy your Astrocade to the maximum!"

Bally Professional Arcade Ad.
From a 1970's Spiegel Catalog.
Pages 236-238.

"Bally. The identical games you play at arcades... now on your home TV screen (with controls for 4 players) [...] Bally Professional Arcade for $269.88."

The Bally Arcade is being sold beside the RCA Studio II, a Pong clone and Atari Video Pinball. Wow! With competition like that, we should all be using our next generation Bally Arcade 6 systems. One neat historical point of interest is that the box shown for the Bally Arcade carts are ones that I've never seen before and were never used. Neat!

On March 4, 2015, Brett Bilbrey mention, "Also interesting to note, the info in that ad was the early prerelease PR info. Bally had to provide information to catalog printers way ahead of time. The earliest ads had 'graphic representations' of what the screens 'would' look like when the system came out."
  1. Bally Arcade vs. RCA Studio II and Atari Video Pinball - Thread on the Bally Arcade/Astrocade Discussion Group.
Bally Professional Arcade (with the Red Cassette Door)

Bally Professional Arcade (with the Red Cassette Door) Advertisement.
Montgomery Ward Catalog.
(1977 or 1978).

Bally Arcade Electronic Microprocessor TV game console

"Up until now you've had to go to commercial arcades to play certain video games. Now Bally, leader of arcade games, brings some of their most popular games into the home-- in a video console that we believe has the most advanced microprocessor on the market today. Compare the picture quality-- full figures appear on the screen. Direct-trigger hand controls have an 8-position switch to move characters in every direction. And there's authentic arcade background noise, too! The Arcade is a 3-function unit...2 games and a calculator are built right into the console. This machine will never become obsolete because it also has a cassette slot that accepts cartridges containing other video games that you'll want to have as they become available. Start your collection now with the cartridges sold below. Free membership to Wards Cartridge Club."
  1. Bally Professional Arcade (with the Red Cassette Door) Advertisement - Complete Text of the Advertisement.
  2. Bally Professional Arcade (with the Red Cassette Door) Advertisement - JPG of the advertisement.
Bally Professional Arcade (White Console)(Catalog Ad)

Bally Professional Arcade (White Console) Advertisement.
Montgomery Ward Catalog Christmas Wish Book.
1981, Page 374.

This is the home video game your family has been waiting for. Years of research and technological know-how have put the Bally Professional Arcade at the top of the video game system class. The programmable console includes three built-in games: Checkmate, Gunfight and Scribble-- and it can also be used as a calculator. Built-in storage under dustcover for additional videocades (see below for the widest variety of games we've ever offered). Hand controls have 8-position switch plus rotary knob and trigger. Operates on any color or black and white TV-- will not interfere with reception or picture when game is off. With controls for 2 players. Was 299.95 in 81 Fall Book, page 662. Now 249.95.
  1. Bally Professional Arcade (White Console) Advertisement - Alternate Scan.
C.O.M.B. Astrocade Liquidation Ad.
Minneapolis Star and Tribune.
December 9, 1982.

C.O.M.B., a liquidator, places an ad selling Astrocade for $98 each. The ad, in part, reads:

Liquidation! Astrocade Video Game. $1,200,000 Inventory, now FAR BELOW dealer cost!
This is the SAME model featured in the Nov. '82 Consumer Reports magazine. Before you buy ANY Video Game, read that article at your local library. You'll be surprised at which of the top brands they like best.. and you'll be very impressed with this Astrocade model!

New 1982 Models! Perfect Condition! Full factory warranty! It's an action-packed game machine! It's a math calculator! And it can be a basic personal computer, too!

  • Developed by Bally... for decades, one of the leaders in coin-op arcade games.
  • Rated the overall favorite... with superior sound and graphics... in impartial consumer comparison tests.
  • Fasted speed-on-the-screen action of any home video game.
  • The only home video game with 8-way hand controllers for MORE responsive game play, MORE kinds of motion.
  • Unique pistol-grip controllers. MORE convenient than ordinary controllers.
  • 4-player capability. (Comes with controls for 2 players.)
  • Graphics in 256 color combinations.
  • Remote control game selection.
  • Includes THREE built-in games.
  • Built-in 10-position calculator with memory modes for math problems.
  • Built-in storage for 15 cartridges.
  • Built-in 3-octave music synthesizer and sound effect generator for greater drama and excitement.
  • BASIC programming cartridge available (NOT at our stores) that turns this into a home computer so you can create your own games, music, video art.
  1. Craig Anderson Letter Concerning the C.O.M.B. Liquidation - A December 9, 1982 letter from Craig Anderson to "Arcade Fanatics" Craig wrote a letter concerning the C.O.M.B. liquidation of Bally Arcade systems for $98 each.
Edge Software Edge Software Ad - Two pages. Letter, plus graphics and descriptions of Bowl, Match, Dots, Mastermind, Maze Race, Scramble, Secret Decoder, and Lost in Space.
Edge Software (Software Received) Edge Software (Software Received) - One page. Small print "ad" from Byte acknowledging that "Match/Bowl" was received.

The text of this acknowledgment as well as how Byte's Software Recieved page works is here
Education Programs Ad by Fred Rodney Three New Education Programs (By Fred Rodney)

Three new educational programs on cassette tape: "Morse Code Trainer," "Astro-Analyst," and "Rhythm Box."
  1. "Education Programs (Ad) - Text Format.
George Collins Prog List George Collins Program List - One page. Three programs listed: Invasion, Bug!, and Deepspace 2050.
George Moses Software (Programs A-E) George Moses Software - Programs A-E - One page.
Lists five programs:
A) Analog Non-Digital Clock
B) Astro-Zap
C) Timecard Calculator
D) Home Budget Keeper
E) Screen RAM Word Processor
In addition one more program, Life, by Jay Fenton is listed.
George Moses Software (Tapes 1-5) George Moses Software - Tapes 1-5 - One page.
Lists five tapes:
1) Bach's 15 Two-Part Inventions
2) 27 Arcade Christmas Songs
3) Bally Arcade Ragtime
4) 3 Voice Screen RAM Music Assembler
5) Sinfonia to Cantata 29 by J.S. Bach
George Moses Music Tapes George Moses Music Tapes - One page.
Lists Four tapes:
1) Bach's 15 Two-Part Inventions
2) 27 Arcade Christmas Songs
3) Bally Arcade Ragtime
4) Sinfonia to Cantata 29 by J.S. Bach
Home Arcade Catalog 1 Home Arcade Catalog 1 - Two pages. Astrocade cartridges, cassettes, and accessories.
L&M Software Catalog, June 1, 1981 L&M Software Catalog.
June 1, 1981

This five-page software catalog has descriptions and artist-rendered "screenshots" for about 20 games for the Bally Arcade/Astrocade that were released by L&M Software for Bally BASIC on cassette tapes.

Most of this software can be downloaded in ready-to-run archived format for AstroBASIC or Bally BASIC.
Home Arcade Catalog 2 Home Arcade Catalog 2 - Two pages, grayscale ad. Full-page Treasure Cove advertisement plus Astrocade cartridges, cassettes, and accessories. Items are on sale. You can download the B&W version (faster to download version) here.
Incredible Wizard Promotional Poster "The Incredible Wizard" Promotional Poster.
Astrocade, Inc.
Circa 1982.

"The Incredible Wizard is Here!" promotional poster for the Bally Arcade/Astrocade videogame.

This poster was sold on Ebay for $169.16 on June 14, 2023 by jayhawk14. Here is the description of the item as given on Ebay: "Astrocade Professional Arcade The Wizard Is Here Promo Poster. 34” x 22” store promotional display poster folded as arrived from manufacturers never used 1980’s era. Neat one of a kind surviving piece."
  1. Promo Poster Post Bally Alley Astrocade Discussion Group - This picture of the poster sold on Ebay was first posted here.
Incredible Wizard Postcard SFP Incredible Wizard Postcard - Small postcard about the release of the new The Incredible Wizard cartridge.
Life - Jay Fenton Life - Jay Fenton - One page. This is an ad for Jay Fenton's version of the game life. According to this ad, the game came with a 10-page manual.
Michael White Catalog Michael White's 'Catalog' - Five pages. Condensed listing of EPROM cartridges available. Michael STILL can do this.
Midland Distributing-Premium Division Order Form and Flyer Midland Distributing-Premium Division Flyer and Order Form.
January 1986.

"Santa's Stocking Stuffers" three-page cartridge description list ("the list of fabulous cassettes now available from Astrocade") and an order form. This flyer has an order that was placed for nine cartridges. "Santa's price" for the Professional arcade is $29.98 and there are about 20 cartridges, including third-party cartridges, that are on sale for $4.99.

Montgomery Ward Catalog Montgomery Ward Catalog - 2 pages. Two pages of cartridge listings for the classic early 1980's game systems (including, of course, the Astrocade).
New Image Ad New Image Ad - Two pages. Ten cassettes listed with descriptions.
Project Cyclops Radar Base (Ad) "Project Cyclops Radar Base" Advertisement
By Fred Rodney.
April 1984.

The cyclops is striking at your base. You man the radar, and steer the missile. Miss often and the cyclops will find you, charge, and fire at you!

A radar simulation in Astro-Basic 1.8k. Two screens, radar warm-up routine, on screen sweep, varying odds of attack strength, pixel size target and missile, on screen target and missile display.
  1. Project Cyclops Radar Base (Ad) - Text Format.
Sea Devil Sea Devil - This is a one-page (grayscale) ad for the Bit Fiddlers cartridge game (distributed by L&M Software).
Secret of Pellucitar Secret of Pellucitar - This is a two-page color ad for the tape game by L&M Software. The back side of the sheet has several smaller ads for other software (also by L&M Software).

You can read the transcribed ad here here. What makes this ad interesting is that it adds information that is not included in the instructions for the game.
Sebree's Computing Sebree's Computing - Three pages.
SFP Catalog 1 SFP Catalog 1 - Sixteen pages. Full of pictures and descriptions. The best Astrocade catalog I've seen besides The Source.
SFP Catalog 2 SFP Catalog 2 - Ten pages. Full of pictures and descriptions. Slimmer than the first one, but still good.
SFP Catalog 3 SFP Catalog 3 - Four pages. Full of pictures and descriptions. There is a description of the "Z Grass 100 Computer Keyboard" on page 3.
TV Arcade Sales TV Arcade Sales - One page excerpt from TV Arcade Sales catalog (the rest of the catalog is non-Astrocade).
Three Astrocade Ads Three Astrocade Ads - Three pages. Personal Computer Breakthrough, Montogomery Wards Fall/Spring Catalog '79 Listing, and PanaCenters Ad.
W&W Software Sales Ad W&W Software Sales Ad - One page. Descriptions of five games: Othello, Van Gam, Flight Simulator, Sub Search, and Hangman.
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