Spectre Systems

      Spectre Systems was made up of Brett Bilbrey, Mike Toth and Marion Nelepa. Marion programmed the sounds for the games. Mike was the manager and took care of business issues. Brett did the game programming.
      ICBM ATTACK was an experiment to see if Brett 'could' create a cartridge. He did it in a few months during his free time in college so it did not take much money. Treasure Cove took a bit more work... Brett remembers not leaving Marion's house for days at a time...

ICBM Attack Concept Art Concept art for the game ICBM Attack.
Game Ideas by Brett Bilbrey Game ideas by Brett Bilbrey.
Treasure Cove Concept Art Concept art for the game Treasure Cove.
ICBM Attack Cassette Description ICBM Attack Cassette Description by Brett Bilbrey - June 22, 1982

      This is the concept of ICBM Attack as originally envisioned by Brett. This game was eventually released on cartridge.
ICBM Attack Notes ICBM Attack Programming Notes

      Twelve pages of handwritten programming notes by Brett Bilbrey about ICBM Attack. In the notes, the game is called "Missile Command."
Program Ideas and Other Projects Program Ideas and Other Projects

      This is mostly a list of game ideas (even the names of the games give you an idea of what the game would be about). There is also a short list of other projects going on at the time (Peek and Poke, Esoterica, Graphic Pads, Handle, and Atari Pads) as well as a several other miscellaneous items.
You can read a partial transcription of just the program and other ideas here.
Treasure Cove Source Code (Preliminary Version) Treasure Cove Source Code (Preliminary Version)

      This source was supplied by Brett Bilbrey, the programmer of the cartridge. This is not the final version, as that version of the source does not seem to be available (but could be created using the cartridge ROM image and this source code).
Tid Bits Slap-Dash Tid-Bits
     This is one page of tid-bits of information from Brett Bilbrey. This information was originally included in Russ Perry Jr.'s newsletter Slap Dash. Thanks to Russ for permission to use them here.
1) Spectre Docs (pdf)
2) Spectre Docs (text)
Spectre Controller Docs
     This is the documentation for the special controller (joystick) used for ICBM Attack. It contains program examples so that the controller can be used from BASIC, plus a letter explaining some problems people have been having regarding the ICBM cartridge.
ICBM Attack Joystick Notes Spectre Controller Notes
     A few scraps of information about the ICBM Attack joystick, including a rough sketch and what type of POTs it needs. - 1 Page. (23K).
Spectre Logos Spectre Logos

      Possible logos for Spectre Systems.
Suggestions for Conan Suggestions for Conan

      Brett saw Astrovision's Conan cartridge at a "show" and thought that these ideas would have made for a better game.
You can read the transcription here.