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     Download digitally archived Bally Arcade tape programs that will load with AstroBASIC (the BASIC with the built-in tape-interface).

Bally Chess Board "Bally Chess Board"
By John Collins.
ARCADIAN, 6, no. 11/12 (Oct. 31, 2984): 120. (Program Listing)

Arcadian program found in Bob Fabris collection. This program was originally offered for Bally BASIC in a classified ad in for $6.00 in 1979. Later it was printed in the "Arcadian" newsletter.

Bally Chess Board Screenshot - Screenshot in Tape Picture Area

Checkers (III) Checkers (III), 1982

Paul Thacker says, "Attempts to make a complete checkers game with AI. It's buggy, though. I suppose the previous two versions were even buggier."
Treasures of Cathy "Treasures of Cathy"
By John Collins.
Source: Tape from the "Bob Fabris Collection."

This adventure-style game has 49 locations with 18 treasures. You can only carry six treasures/items at a time. Each treasure gives additional points. Each move subtracts one point. Try for a score greater than 1,000 points. There are four keywords: IN, UP, DROP and GET.

On February 3, 2008, when Paul Thacker archived this game, he noted:

"Two programs by John Collins [have been archived from tapes in the "Bob Fabris Colelction] --Treasures Of Cathy and Checkers (III). These two programs are an example of something only mentioned as a brief text ad in the Arcadian. Of known programs, ones like this are probably the least likely to be archived, so I'm glad to get a few. Treasures Of Cathy seems like a fairly complex dungeon-crawler type game. I didn't get very far, though. If anyone can figure out how to get through the door, let me know."

On September 7, 2018, this game was played by Chris++ and Adam Trionfo. A rough, incomplete map of the game was created to help figure-out the game's layout. To answer Paul's 10-year-old question: to enter the house, climb one of the trees in the game (type UP), and then GET the key from the bird's nest. With the key, the player can enter the house by typing IN.

Here is the incomplete map of the game that was created when Chris and Adam played this game.
  1. Treasures of Cathy (Draft Map)(September 7, 2018) (pdf) - 1 Page.
  2. Treasures of Cathy (Draft Map)(September 7, 2018) (jpg) - 1 Page.
  3. Treasures of Cathy (Draft Map)(September 14, 2018) (pdf) - 2 Pages
  4. Treasures of Cathy (Draft Map)(September 14, 2018), Page 1 (jpg) - 1 Page
    Treasures of Cathy (Draft Map)(September 14, 2018), Page 2 (jpg) - 1 Page
  5. Treasures of Cathy (Draft Map 1.2)(September 20, 2018) (pdf) - 3 Pages
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