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     Download non-digitally archived Bally Arcade tape programs that will load with Bally BASIC (the BASIC without the built-in tape-interface).

Program Name Source Comments
3D Tic-Tac-Toe Tape 12 1981
Air Raid   1980
Instructions and program listing.
Atom Smasher   1981
Ayatollah Dart Board Tape 8 October 1981
Black Lagoon, The Tape 2 1981
We already have this in 2000 baud format, though I've confirmed that the code is different. As you move through the maze, your boat takes on water. When you enter a new area, you can press the trigger to empty the boat, but be sure to move on before the patrol boat catches you. If you take on too much water, you sink. Hint--move diagonally when possible.
Black Lagoon II, The   1980
This also isn't on Mike White's Software List, but was found in with Brett's tape collection. While the code is different from the original, it plays extremely similarly.
Bombardier   1980
Instructions and program listing.
Claim Jumpers Tape 1 and Tape 14 October 1981
It's just like the pencil and paper game where players take turns drawing lines on a grid and try to complete the most squares. As long as you keep completing squares, you can keep drawing lines. Simple, yet highly addictive. One or two players.
Instructions and program listing.
Color Organ, Light Show Demo   September 1980
This was designed to work with the L&M interface Unit. According to the FAQ, "Interface Bally to any stereo amp with audio power 1 watt on up. TV displays in step with your stereo music." Even without it, it still displays various graphical effects (kind of like a screen saver). Another program simply labeled "Light Show Demo." is quite similar, but the menu has a few different effects.
Coyote-Roadrunner Desert Race Tape 10 October 1981
I'm not sure this is really working correctly, though it appeared to archive without errors. It's a two player game, and is supposed to have three screens. On the first screen, each player can race (extremely slowly) to clear out what look like maybe piles of birdseed. Pull the trigger and the program will check to see if you've eaten everything, then go off the right side to reach the second screen. This has cacti instead of birdseed, but pulling the trigger no longer does anything, and I couldn't progress to the third screen even after clearing everything.
Crazy Ball   1980
Instructions and program listing.
Fox and the Hare Tape 13 December 1980
It's a two player game in which the hare tries to hide from the fox. I wish this had come with instructions; as it is only an examination of the source code revealed how it controlled. First, choose between 1 and 75 tries. Then, a series of 40 numbers, randomly chosen from 1 to 60, are displayed. The hare can hide on either the top or bottom of any of these numbers. Look at the available hiding places, then hit GO. Press 2 or 3 to choose between top or bottom, when enter the number to hide in and hit GO. Vertical blanking is used to hide the number you input. Then the fox chooses where to look, using controller 1. Hit up or down on the joystick to look at the top or bottom, then twist the knob and pull the trigger to select the number to look in. If the fox picks the right hiding place, it wins. If not, the hare hides again. Either do the same thing, or hit 0 to stay in the same hiding place. The hare cannot hide in areas the fox has already looked. Repeat this until either the fox finds the hare or uses up all of its tries.
Galactic War 2002   1980
Kill the Vulcan   September 1980
Try to kill the attacking "allien" before you're "vulcanized." You have artillery on the left of the screen. Adjust your aim with the knob and pull the trigger to fire. Smaller angles go further. The enemy tank keeps moving closer, and when it gets close enough its shots will hit you.
Light Show Demo   1980
Light Show Program #2   August 1981
This is another program designed for the L&M Interface Unit.
Meteoroid   1981
Instructions and program listing.
Mission Impossible Tape 12 1980
The ones from atari2600.com and from Mike White are different. I've labeled the one from Mike White as the alternate version.
Multi. Program Format   1980
It's simply a template for putting a menu into a BASIC program.
Mummy's Treasure, The   1980
Phantom Star Fighters 2003 Tape 7 June 1981
A fun game. Two players move through a maze trying to shoot each other, but they're invisible until they fire. If you fire too many times, you have to pause to reload, making you very vulnerable.
Rescue Air Drop Tape 11 July 1980
Save the troops by dropping supplies onto the mountaintop. Pay attention to the wind velocity. Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to dodge the ground forces taking pot shots at you.
River City Gambler   1981
Search and Destroy Tape 5 September 1980
Pick numbers to attack so you can randomly destroy the enemy before it randomly destroys you.
Sink the U-Boat Tape 11 September 1980.
Instructions and program listing.
Space Checkers Tape 7 July 1981
This is one of my favorite BASIC games. The board is a grid in which the edges have two types of alien head tokens on them, and the center and corners have 'N' tokens on them. The first player places the checker on any of the N spaces, then the players take turns moving it. You can move the checker to any bordering square (including diagonally), but once you've moved onto a square, it's cleared and you can't move there again. Decrease your opponent's score by clearing the matching alien pieces. At some point, the checker will be trapped and the game ends, and whoever has the most alien pieces left wins. (It can be a draw.) There's some serious strategy to this game, though I recommend playing with a real person instead of the computer.
Instructions and program listing.
Space Quest 2001 Tape 6 November 1980
We already have this game in 2000 baud format, though this is only sort-of true. The 2000 baud versions of Space Quest and Galactic War 2002 were converted from 300 baud, so these may not be the same code as the official 2000 baud releases.
Turn the knob to move up and down, and pull the trigger to fire.
This is a very bland BASIC game- it's VERY early and should NOT be used as an indicator of how good a BASIC program can be. It's here for historical purposes, and for use as comparison with programs that would come later and show a little more of what BASIC could do.
Space Sleuth Tape 13 October 1981
It's like Clue...in space. And at one point, it draws a neon green symbol on a bright yellow background, which you're supposed to read by wearing special glasses.
Star Base 2000 Tape 6 October 1981
Move your ship through the maze to reach the Star Base. You can cool your engine periodically, but lose points for doing so. And be sure not to fly into the invisible, completely undetectable black holes.
Super Sleuth   1981
This is nearly identical to Space Sleuth.
Target Tape 4 September 1980
Includes three small games: 1) Pop Up   2) Deck the Duck   3) Skeet
This is a simple but fun game. Score points by firing on blinking boxes, skeet, and a hapless duck. Aim with the knob and fire with the trigger. You have to hit a very precise area on the target.
Instructions and program listing.