Compiled by RMH Enterprises

Type-in Programs Compiled by RMH Enterprises

     This section has programs that can be typed into Bally BASIC. These programs were in a book of programs collected by Richard Houser. Richard had connections with the Arcadian; some of these programs may have gone on to be published in that newsletter, others are not found anywhere else. Mr. Houser kept an index page (which seems slightly outdated, but which I've included anyway). These programs may have errors (most are hand-written); they are here for completeness. Whenever one is in the Arcadian, use that one!

Index Pages Index PagesRichard M. HouserAdded June 4, 2003
Amazed in Space Amazed in SpaceAquilaAdded Oct. 25, 2004
Angle Game Angle GameBob StrandAdded June 4, 2003
Artillery Duel Artillery DuelJohn PerkinsAdded Oct. 25, 2004
Checkers CheckersJohn CollinsAdded June 4, 2003
BatNum BatNum (Battle of Numbers)Ron SchwenkAdded Oct. 25, 2004
Battlestar Galactica Battlestar GalacticaDick NittoAdded Oct. 25, 2004
Biorythm BiorythmM.R. AnglisAdded Oct. 25, 2004
Black Box Black BoxLooks like version by R. Beany, but the line number are differentAdded Oct. 25, 2004
Clock ClockJ. CousinsAdded June 4, 2003
Four-Digit Guess Four-Digit GuessBob StrandAdded June 4, 2003
King Hamurabi King Hamurabi Richard Houser Added Oct. 25, 2004
Laser Battle Laser BattleBob StrandAdded June 4, 2003
Lunar Lander Lunar LanderBob StrandAdded June 4, 2003
Mastermind MastermindRon SchwenkAdded Oct. 25, 2004
Math Routines Math RoutinesT. HaysAdded Oct. 25, 2004
Numbermind NumbermindRichard HouserAdded Oct. 25, 2004
OneCheck OneCheckRon SchwenkAdded Oct. 25, 2004
Othello OthelloW&WAdded Oct. 25, 2004
Number War Number WarBob StrandAdded June 4, 2003
Remember RememberBob StrandAdded June 4, 2003
Random Art Random ArtErnie SamsAdded June 4, 2003
Reverse ReverseBrett BilbreyAdded June 4, 2003
Simon SimonBrett BilbreyAdded June 4, 2003
Slot Machine Slot MachineBob StrandAdded June 4, 2003
Sonic Satellite George Hale (Business Card, Front) George Hale (Business Card, Back) Sonic Satellite

The business card has some notes about the type-in game.
George Hale
Sub-Search Sub-SearchMarc GladsteinAdded Oct. 25, 2004
Super Wumpus Super WumpusT. HaysAdded Oct. 25, 2004