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     This section has programs that can be typed into Bally BASIC. These programs are by Mark S. Keller (these programs were originally available on tape, and these listing came with the tape). These programs were originally written for 300-BAUD BASIC, I'm not sure how they work with 2000-BAUD BASIC.

Mark Keller Collection Mark S. Keller Compilation

     Contains program LISTings and insturctions for five programs.
  1. "Biorythms 3.0"
  2. "Blackjack II"
  3. "File Create 1.0"
  4. "Memory Dump II 2.0"
  5. "Wumpus 3.2"
     Instructions for "Life 4.2" are also included, but the program isn't LISTed.

Biorythms Biorythms 3.0
Blackjack II Blackjack II
Blockout and Pinball Blockout 5.0 and Pinball I

     This pdf contains a letter written November 1, 1981, by Mark Keller to Bob Fabris. The pdf also contains two programs (referenced in the letter). These two games are unpublished Arcadian submissions found in the Bob Fabris' tape collection: "Blockout 5.0" and "Pinball I."

The letter has been typed in. You can read it here:

     Mark Keller Letter (Nov. 1, 1981)
- Text
Bombardment II Bombardment II
Bullseye II Bullseye II - 2.0
Chase III Chase III
File Create File Create - 1.0
Life Life - 3.0
Space Battle Space Battle - 9.0
Star Trek III Star Trek III - 11.2
Tape Input/Output Tape Input/Output
Text Editor 5 Text Editor 5
TOC Text Editor II Text Editor 2 and Table of Contents of tape
Wumpus II Wumpus II - 3.1
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