George Moses (MP3 Recordings)

     These songs were recorded straight from the Astrocade and are saved as MP3 files, therefore, you do not need an Astrocade to listen to them (they are meant to be heard on your computer or, for that matter, any device that plays MP3 files).

Bach Tape Bach's Two-Part Inventions (Tape #1) - All fifteen of 'em.
Beatles Beatles Greatest Hits - Eight of The Beatles best rock hits.
Christmas Tape 27 Christmas Carols (Tape #2) - All your favorites. Some with vibrato.
Misc. Music Miscellaneous Music - Various music.
Joplin Tape Scott Joplin Ragtime Classics (Tape #3) - Scott Joplin's favorites. When you hear the rhythm and syncopation you won't believe the Bally Astrocade made this music!
Sinfonia Tape Sinfonia to Cantata 29 By Bach (Tape #5) - Classical. Plays with breathtaking speed!