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     Miscellaneous audio related to the Astrocade.

Astrovision Inc. Sales Meeting - March 20-21, 1981 Astrovision Inc. Sales Meeting - March 20-21, 1981

     On March 20-21, 1981, Astrovision Inc. held a meeting for 35 distributor organization personnel. Bob Fabris, George Moses, Mike Peace, and Fred Cornett were invited to represent Bally users, as noted in Arcadian Volume 3, Issue 6, page 61 and 63. Bob recorded many, though apparently not all, of these talks. This area holds the recordings that he made.
Bally Alley Astrocast Podcast Bally Alley Astrocast Podcast

The Bally Alley Astrocast podcast covers the Bally Astrocade videogame console released in 1978. This system was also called the Bally Arcade, Bally Professional Arcade, and Bally Home Library Computer. We cover Bally community news, review games released on cartridge and cassette tape, and delve articles from classic computer and game newsletters and magazines (like the Arcadian and Cursor).

BASIC Manual Music from BASIC manual recorded as MP3 files.
Bob Fabris Audio Recordings Bob Fabris Audio Recordings

     These are audio recordings (mostly telephone conversations) that Bob Fabris, the publisher of the Astrocade newsletter Arcadian, had with various people in the Bally / Astrocade community in the years during the newsletter's publication (1978-1986).
WAV Recordings George Moses music recorded as MP3 files.
Music From Carts Music from Astrocade Cartridges recorded as MP3 files.
Music From Various Authors Music from various authors recorded as MP3 files.
Songs Cartridge Sound effects and music from the Songs cartridge, by New Image, recorded as MP3 files.
Tape Sound Effects Sound effects from various tape games recorded as MP3 files.
Spoken Introduction Spoken Introduction

     Spoken tapes introductions that were read to the player.
WAV Recordings WaveMakers music and miscellaneous recorded as MP3 files
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