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     Download digitally archived Bally Arcade tape programs that will load with AstroBASIC (the BASIC with the built-in tape-interface).

Beep! Beep!
The Tiny Arcade (Tom McConnell)
Dec. 1982, Tape 105 and Supertape I.

     From the "Beep!" instructions: "Beep lives in the land of Boggin where the inhabitants' favorite pastime is travelling back & forth between the towns of Hither & Yon. Your job is to guide Beep safely through his journey by maneuvering him from the lower right-hand box (Hither) to the upper left-hand box (Yon) and back again as many times as possible.

     "The main obstacles in Beep's journey are the square 'Blobs' and the two Kibosh Kids: Skooter and his speedy little sister, Skeeter. You use the joystick to move Beep around the Blobs while avoiding being tapped by the 'Kids.'"

  1. "Beep!," Instructions (Color Scan)
  2. "Beep!," Instructions (Text Version)
Fireworks Fireworks.
By The Tiny Arcade (Tom McConnell).
Oct. 1982, Tape 103 and Supertape I.

"Fireworks" shoots different colored fireworks into the air and there are some explosion sounds. Lance Square says, "[I] had never seen the fireworks prog before. Simplistic by todays standards, but manages to get 4 (or more?) colours out of BASIC."

The Tiny Arcade's "Fireworks" became the first Bally Arcade/Astrocade program ever to be digitally archived on July 4, 2002.
Gamma Wars Gamma Wars
The Tiny Arcade (Tom McConnell)
1982, Tape 104 and Supertape II.

From ad in ARCADIAN 4, no. 11 (Sept 11, 1982 ): 109:

     It's the year 9011. The Draconian Empire has crushed all opposition in the Milky Way galaxy, save for your fortress on a moon of the ringed planet Iridesca. City-size Draconian star destroyers move in for the kill. All remaining civilization is depending on you. This will be the final conflict of the... GAMMA WARS.

     "Gamma Wars" is a unique videogaming experience. The dramatic spacescape & 3-D visuals create an other-worldly atmosphere. Action features include an orbital radar screen & machine graphic satellite bombs.
  1. "Gamma Wars," Ad
  2. "Gamma Wars," Review
The Tiny Arcade (Tom McConnell)
1982, Tape 100, Supertape I, and ARCADIAN 6, no. 10 (August 24, 1984): 91-92.

     From the instructions, "This game challenges you to defend a four-walled energy fortress by pursuing and eliminating four monsters who are slowly impinging on the walls and intend on breaking through. If a monster breaks completely through a wall (i.e. creates a "hole" or space the width of a wall) the fortress is destroyed. You start the game with a complement of four fortresses. The game ends when all four have been destroyed."

  1. "Quadron," Instructions
Random Maze Generator Random Maze Generator
The Tiny Arcade (Tom McConnell)

     This program produces random mazes for use in games & puzzles. The computer will leave markers in the trails it carves out to keep track of the directions it has travelled, erasing them as it retraces its' steps looking for fresh paths. When all the markers are erased, the maze is complete.

     From the "Bob Fabris Tape Collection."

  1. "Random Maze Generator," Instructions
Star Siege
Star Siege
Star Siege
The Tiny Arcade (Tom McConnell)
March 1983, Tape and Supertape I.

     From the manual: "A large mother ship arrives over the player's planet and disgorges six bomb-toting aliens. The creatures drop their bombs one at a time, in random order. The player must maneuver the knob-controlled laser base under the falling bomb and intercept it before it hits and destroys the planet."

     Includes regular and revised versions. The revised version is a slight improvement over the regular version. It has different sound and you can start a new game by pulling the trigger rather than hitting a key.

  1. "Star Siege," (Color Scan)
  2. "Star Siege," Instructions (Text Version)
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