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     Download digitally archived Bally Arcade tape programs that will load with AstroBASIC (the BASIC with the built-in tape-interface).

184 Different Astrocade Programs Compilation from May 2007 with one-hundred-eighty-four programs for the Astrocade that load with AstroBASIC! These can be loaded from the computer as WAV files, or made into three convenient CDs for use with a portable CD player. This isn't everything for the Astrocade, not even close, but it is a great sampler by some of the best companies:

CD 1 - Music by George Moses

CD 2 - WaveMakers and Mike Peace

CD 3 - Esoterica Ltd., George Moses (non-music), L&M Software, New Image and The Tiny Arcade.

For a list of all of the programs read this.

Download Size: 3.28 MB.
 Arcadian Programs Programs from the Arcadian newsletter
Astrogames/Dale Low Programs Programs by Astrogames and Dale Low
BASIC Manual Programs Programs from the BASIC manuals
Cursor/BASIC Express Programs Programs from the Cursor / BASIC Express Newsletters
Dave Ibach Programs Programs by Dave Ibach (of General Video)
Esoterica Ltd. Programs Programs from the company Esoterica Ltd.
Fred Rodney Programs Programs by Fred Rodney.
George Moses Programs Programs by George Moses
Hoover Anderson Research and Design Programs Programs by Hoover Anderson Research and Design
Jay Fenton Programs Programs by Jay Fenton
Joe Peoples Programs Programs by Joe Peoples
L&M Software Programs Programs by L&M Software
Mike White Programs Programs by Mike White
Misc. Programs Miscellaneous Programs. These programs sometimes have unknown authors and/or sources. A few authors have more than one program (but not more than three or four); these authors have their own small section within this section.
New Image Programs Programs by New Image
Sebree's Computing Programs Programs by Sebree's Computing
Super Software Programs Programs by Super Software
The Tiny Arcade Programs Programs by The Tiny Arcade
Video Wizards Programs Programs by Video Wizards
W&W Software Sales Programs Programs by W&W Software Sales
Wave Makers Programs Programs by WaveMakers
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