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     These are programs for the Bally Arcade that require the original Bally BASIC and the 300 Baud Interface to load. These programs will NOT load with AstroBASIC (the BASIC cartridge with the built-in tape interface).

     The programs used to archive the 2000-baud tapes (Ballybin and AstroWAV) does not digitally archive 300-baud tapes. The set of programs used to digitally archive the 300-Baud tapes have only been in use for a few years. Many of the 300-Baud programs were uploaded before these 300-Baud archiving tools were available. For this reason, many of these 300-Baud programs were recorded directly from tape and have not been altered in any way. The 300-Baud interface is MUCH more forgiving than the 2000-Baud interface, so you should have no problems loading these programs. You will also notice that these non-digtally archived program's WAV file sizes are huge when compared to the 2000 programs... that's because these programs take about three and a half minutes to load (or longer) compared with the 20 second 2000-Baud programs.

Arcadian Programs Programs published in the "Arcadian" newletter.
A.R.D. (Anderson Research and Design) Programs Programs from the company A.R.D. (Anderson Research and Design).
Cursor Programs Programs published in the "Cursor/BASIC Express" newletter.
Programs by Barry Ellerson Programs by Barry Ellerson.
Esoterica Ltd. Programs Programs from the company Esoterica Ltd.
Jay Fenton Programs Programs by Jay Fenton
Klaus Doerge Programs Programs by Klaus Doerge
George Moses Programs Programs by George Moses
Jim Dunson Programs Programs by Jim Dunson
John Collins Programs Programs by John Collins
L&M Software Programs Programs by L&M Software
Jim Dunson Programs Programs by Larry Camnitz
Mark Keller Programs Programs by Mark Keller
Misc. Programs Miscellaneous Programs.
New Image Programs Programs by New Image
Rich Tietjens Programs Programs by Rich Tietjens
Rich Tietjens Programs Programs by Robert Strand
Ron Picardi Programs Programs by Ron Picardi
Scott Waldinger Programs Programs by Scott Waldinger
Sebree's Computing Programs Programs by Sebree's Computing
Stanley Kendall Programs Programs by Stanley Kendall.
Steve Walters Programs Programs by Steve Walters. Steve was also part of General Video (along with Dave Ibach).
Super Software Programs Programs by Super Software
The Tiny Arcade Programs Programs by The Tiny Arcade
W&W Software Sales Programs Programs by W&W Software Sales
WaveMakers Programs Programs by WaveMakers
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