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     Of all the classic systems, the Astrocade is one of the most difficult to find any solid information about on the Internet. This section's aim is to be the resource where Astrocade information of all sorts can be found.

Arcade Games (Based on Astrocade Chipset) Documentation relating to the arcade games that are based around the Astrocade chipset. These games include the following:
  1. Seawolf II (1978)
  2. Extra Bases (1980)
  3. Space Zap (1980)
  4. Wizard of Wor (1980)
  5. Gorf (1981)
  6. Robby Roto (1981)
  7. Demons and Dragons (1982; unreleased prototype)
  8. Professor Pacman (1983)
  9. 10 Pin Deluxe (1984; electro-mechanical)
  10. 10 Pin Champ / Strikes and Spares (1985)
Articles and News Articles and news about the Bally Arcade / Astrocade from books, magazines, and trade papers.
Archives Zip archived collections of thousands of Astrocade files on These archives include the "Bally Alley Website Storehouse" Archive (23.34 GB) and the "Bob Fabris Scans Collection" Archive (26.8 GB).
Astrocade, Inc. Astrocade, Inc. Company paperwork
MaxFlash Files Archived the Atarimax Maxflash Astrocade Cartridge website (formerly known as or "Bally/Astrocade Maxflash Files") to This website was previously for owners, users and developers of the prototype flash cartridge for the Bally Arcade/Astrocade. Even though this cartridge has not been released (yet?), all of the documentation and programs have been archived for reference for anyone that is interested in knowing more about this project.
Bally Check Bally Check. Test hardware that plugs into the 50-pin connector on the back of an Astrocade.
Cart manuals button Manuals for Astrocade cartridges in html, pdf and text format
Astrocade Discussion Group Text archive of the Astrocade Discussion Group
Hi-Res Upgrade Extensive documentation on how to upgrade the Astrocade to High-Resolution mode.
Inside the Box Manuals, information cards and information that was inside the Astrocade box when you bought a unit.
JS&A JS&A is the company that originally sold the Bally Arcade Professional in 1977 and 1978. This is a document archive of the catastrophe that befell them when Bally didn't send them orders on time and when the machines began to fail.
Astrocade, Inc. Marketing Material Marketing Materials from Astrocade, Inc., Bally and Others.
Miscellaneous Hardware Documentation Miscellaneous Hardware Documentation
Multicarts Documentation for the Astrocade multicarts.
Nitron Button Documents showing the end of the line for the company that worked with Astrovision to produce the Astrocade.
Perkins Engineering Perkins Engineering (makers of the Blue Ram, keyboards, and more)
Press Releases Press Releases from Astrocade, Inc. or Astrocade-Related Material
Reviews Reviews for Astrocade cartridges and tapes.
Spectre Systems Spectre Systems was a third-party company that released several cartridges and hardware for the Astrocade.
Tape manuals Manuals for Astrocade Cassette Tapes
TERSE Documentation Documentation for the TERSE programming language, a language based on Forth, used by Nutting Associates to write arcade games such as The Adventures of Robby Roto!, GORF, and others.
Viper RAM Expansion Documentation for the Viper RAM Expansion
Zgrass/UV-1 Information about the UV-1, ZGrass language, and ZGrass expansion system
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