Astrocade Hardware Pictures

     Some great pictures of hard to find Astrocade hardware is here. Click any picture for a larger view.

ASCII Keyboard ASCII keyboard often used with Bally 300-Baud interface to create a keyboard for Bally BASIC.
AstroBASIC PCB AstroBASIC PCB showing the outside, component side and solder side of the cartridge.
Astrocade Kiosk Astrocade Kiosk - This was a dealers display cabinet, intended for small shops and large department stores.
Bally / Astrocade - Console and Accessories Bally / Astrocade - Various Bally and Astrocade versions of the console and accessories.
Bally 'Add-Under' PCB Bally "Add-Under" PCB - These are photos of the Bally add-under bare PCB.
Bally Check Bally Check. Test hardware that plugs into the 50-pin connector on the back of an Astrocade.
Audio Interface Bally BASIC Audio Interface (for saving and loading programs from cassette tape).
Blue Ram Expansion The Blue Ram expansion by Perkins Engineering.
Blue Ram Keyboard The Blue Ram Keyboard for the Blue Ram expansion unit.
Computer Ear This is a "Speech Recognition System for the Computer Hobbyist."
Classic Console Development Platform Classic Console Development Platform in development by 8-Bit Domain in 2007.
Dust Covers Astrocade and Bally plastic dust covers.
EPROM Burner The Astrocade EPROM burner for the Blue Ram.
Fawn Dungeon Ward Shrake's fix to the Fawn Dungeon prototype cartridge.
Hi-Res Astrocade (Perkins) Pictures of the prototype Hi-Res Astrocade created by Perkins Engineering in 1981.
Hi-Res Astrocade (Matte) Pictures of the Hi-Res Astrocade created by Michael Matte in the mid-1980s.
ICBM_Attack_Handle Analog controller used with the very rare ICBM Attack cartridge by Spectre. Notice that this plugs into two controller ports.
Lil' White Ram The Lil' White Ram is a 32K memory expansion unit released in March of 2008.
Multi-Cart Demo Unit Bally Multi-Cart Demo Unit.
Sea Wolf II Sea Wolf II Arcade Mainboard
steering-wheel The Bally Arcade (unreleased?) steering-wheel.
S-Video Mod S-Video Modification for the Astrocade released in 2006 by 8-Bit Domain.
Viper 1 The Viper 1 RAM Expansion and Keyboard
White Astrocade The white Bally Arcade.
Zgrass Hardware ZGrass Hardware - Pictures of ZGrass and UV-1 hardware.
Bally Motherload Bally Arcade TV Switchbox

Bally Motherload Bally Motherload!

     An excellent find (from a former employee)! There's some steering wheels in there (still in the package!), working extra custom chips, and, and what's that? Some version of the Ballycheck hardware?
BPA tnn Brand New Bally Professional Arcade

     This is the picture from the inside cover of the BPA Owner's Manual. This is what the unit is supposed to look like straight out of the box!
ZIF Socket Cartridge (Top)

ZIF Socket Cartridge (Bottom)
ZIF Socket Cartridge

      A homemade cartridge for use with an EPROM. Images supplied by Richard Degler.
Bubbu II ZIF Socket Cartridge

     Michael White's ZIF-socket EPROM cartridge for 2K, 4K, and 8K ROMS. He's dubbed this the 'Bubba II'